Jerome was taking a snooze.

I think Christie is bad-tempered.


Damone tried to remain calm.

"That's very nice of you," Willie answered.

Did Rajiv tell Maarten why he couldn't help her?

Few people have two cars.

That's what friends are for.

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I feel at ease.


I write almost every day.

This doesn't burn.

It's a Spanish book.

It is not moralism.

It was a suicide bombing.

She's young enough to be your daughter.

The walking stick serves the purpose of an advertisement that the bearer's hands are employed otherwise than in useful effort, and it therefore has utility as an evidence of leisure.

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I found a French friend in Morocco. She told me that the atmosphere in Paris is not that of the rest of France, and that other cities and provinces are very beautiful.

I'll never stop loving you.

There are one hundred marae in this area.

Why don't you go and join her?

He went above and beyond the call of duty.

That path is apt to be muddy after rain.

A little competition is good.


Single people are the ones that always find out where the emergency exit is right away.

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Devon is an unemployed aeronautical engineer.

I'm sorry to see Granville go.

It wasn't interesting at all.


Does she dare to go into the forest?

Stop moving!

That's exactly why I came!

Beverly has a pen pal in Australia.

I've been boxing since I was thirteen.

He explained the main purpose of the plan.

Tell me how to get to the restaurant we're going to be eating at.

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I forgot the can opener and could not open the can of sardines.

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Lucy can't use chopsticks.


The housing situation showed no signs that it would improve.

I don't think I've got much choice.

Hienz's neighbour said he would keep an eye on Marci's place for him while he was away.

I slept for eight hours last night.

I think I could get used to this.

In fact, to move at any speed the polar bear uses twice as much energy as do most other mammals.

Karen acquired a reputation for honesty.

What do you do for fun?

I won't let nobody hurt you.

Juha didn't give it back to me.

Our parents are so proud.

The party was animated by her presence.

I'll deal with it later.

I don't want to see her get hurt.

I'm going to find out what the problem is.

Let's stop at the next service station.

Barrio isn't always late, but he often is.

Who said I stole the money?

That was exciting.

Don't listen to him. He's just kidding.

I'm afraid that's it.


Can anyone hear me?

It's not what you're thinking.

How many people can do that?

That is just her way.

The password you have entered is invalid.

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They want to talk to you a moment.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

They loved Boston.

I put in for more overtime.

I heard that even a lot of college graduates have to work for minimum wage.


There is hope for everybody.

Don't be such a pompous ass!

No, thank you. I'm full.


He went skiing.


It's the serpent who tempted Eve.

How long will this battery last?

I'm very sorry about this.

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I told them that was ridiculous.

In the leaden backdrop of the dawn, the horseman stands in silence, the long mane of his horse, disheveled by the wind.

It's going to have to wait.

Thank you for the last invitation.

Can you describe it to me?


This is the dilemma.

The doctor said you shouldn't scratch your wounds.

Tulips will bloom soon.


Open your mouth wide.


Do you have any change?

What he says is very important.

Ralf doesn't want to be involved.

I didn't ask them to go there.

Anything is OK with me.

Darren said that he wanted to make Knute happy.

Tell me why you didn't ask them.

He is just an ordinary person.

I'm done with it.

Have you paid your taxes?

I was always good at math.

Scot refused to go to bed.

I don't think Wolfgang took us seriously.

He lives in the town.

Roy fastened the medal with a pin.

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I just mentioned it because I know a lot of people who worry about that.


Can you write it for me?

It wasn't like Dan to be so late.

He passes for a college student.

Don't be so ridiculous.

I like honey.

This remedy will do you good overnight.

Maybe it's time you and Steven had a little talk.


No public education existed in India before the British colonization.


It just wasn't what we thought.

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Bucky hasn't apologized.


There is a lot of snow in Chamonix in the winter and people go skiing there.

The victim died at a hospital in Boston.

I would never do something behind your back.

A cat would have seen a bird.

You didn't tell me you knew Doug's address.

The heroic knight went on a quest to defeat a great monster and won the favor of his lady.

The small boy was Tango's only friend.

Can you get this out of here?

What a nice cable-car this is!

Thomas doesn't know how to do the crawl.

Daniel tried to walk on water, but he sank to the bottom.


Manny couldn't lift the box.


Frederic is also a salesman.

Jerry is going to help us tomorrow.

It is a proper mountain, not a hill.


Sangho graduated from high school last year.


She lounged by the pool.

You are living a dream, and the dream is about to end.

Jonathan wrote me a letter.

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Taste the sweets of success.

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Elisabeth says that he didn't study at all for the test.

She dropped a bombshell on him.

Seth is looking a bit overwhelmed.

What're Brendan and Those planning?

He must have forgotten all about the promise.


We write our own songs.

They acted on the information.

Tomorrow is Saturday, February 5th, 2011.

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The girl lifted the heavy box with one hand.


They studied them closely.

Blake gets angry easily.

The group was made up by Dick.


I've been worried sick.

Jamie wanted to learn to swim.

Celeste should've arrived already.


I'd like to have Sex on the Beach. Please don't misunderstand me! I'm speaking about a drink.

He challenged the mountain at the risk of his life.

That wasn't the only problem.

She squished a cockroach.

You've met your match.


He pulled the wool over their eyes.


We came out ahead.

My dog is scared of the booming of New Year's Eve's fireworks and the poor thing has been hiding under the sofa for several hours already.

The train was thirty minutes late on account of the heavy snow.

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She came across a wolf.

Who made up these rules?

We try to look after each other.

Does it disturb you for me to smoke here?

What do I care?

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They were standing still with their eyes wide open.

Tickets are $30 per person and $13 for designated drivers.

I knew there had to be a better way.